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W88Another year, another cookie

Mallory was in the cookie race again. No idea how she finished overall but she headed out strongly. I saw here smoke someone else from her heat climbing the hill and she tells me she came in second of all the girls she started with.

Fell on my ass

For the second time. In – what – three weeks? That perfect slam right on the tailbone. Or whatever that bone is called. I could feel it coming. It happened maybe five minutes before the end of this morning’s skate skiing lesson.

Skate skiing. I can do it. Who knew?

My mom taught me how to ski cross country sometime after I realized I was too scared of downhill skiing and before I left home. I did it a bit through high school, but never really got into it. I was able to do it, but as with so many things, if I didn’t excel at it, I dropped it.