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Stuff about rapidly putting one foot in front of the other


Damn. Damn damn damn damn. I put on running shoes for the first time since Jan 8 this evening, to test these new traction aids, test clothing and see how well my achilles was progressing in preparation for the race tomorrow. The answer? Clothing great. Traction aids probably fine. Achilles tendon? Total disaster.

Half marathon

I’m very pleased with myself, yes. I did the distance three or so weeks ago, but using the 10 minutes running, one minute walking training method the Running Room uses for their long slow distance runs. Today I did it straight out. And I beat my 1:40 target time.

Evaluating fitness websites: numbers prove it happened… but whose?

Strava heart rate data chartI’ve been doing a fair bit of running lately. I’m taking a clinic at the Running Room, but apart from that, I run alone. Some people get motivation by running with friends, other runners. Numbers motivate me. Compared to the Timex digital watch I used to use to time myself when I was in high school, modern electronics are tricorders. But they really want an external application, to crunch numbers, analyze data and draw pretty graphs.

Back in running shoes

My first bit of proper exercise since January 19th. Nathalie Belanger, the most excellent physiotherapist told me yesterday evening I was okay to “resume activity” unless I encountered pain. So tonight I got on my running shoes and went for 6.6km along the canal. It felt great. No pain. I picked the right clothes, I kept myself on my HRM…

In the zone, as they say

My first effort to slow down went pretty well I think. I started out painfully slow. The “low heart rate” warning beep came about one minute in, and I thought I could maybe pick it up a little.