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Toilet tales part two: the big reveal

Goopy stuff sealing the connection between drain and toiletSo I took the toilet off to discover the base had been sealed to the top of the drain with heaps and heaps of stuff (felt like about half a kilo) of goo the consistency and colour of bees wax. And I’m guessing, from the location of little bits of water in the goo, that this seal had never quite been water tight.

House is sold

1125 North River Road is sold. Thanks to dianeandjen.com

I am pleased to report that our house is sold. Wouldn’t recommend owning two houses at once. Nope. Can’t say we got our ideal price, but we can’t be all that fussy.

Moving is chaos

Edgar has been hiding behind the furnace for two days now. The dust bunnies in our old house have started to form a soccer league. There’s a heap of cardboard, bubble wrap and paper in the chasm that is our living room. We’re moved. Mostly.

House for sale

House for sale in Overbrook, Ottawa. Lovely view
We’ve listed our house and there’s now a sign on the lawn and everything. There’s an open house this Sunday and we’ve got a bunch of showings scheduled tomorrow.