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The Canada Post lockout busting legislation explained

It all makes perfect sense to me now. At first I thought it strange that the Tory government was ordering its wholly-owned crown corporation and its Tory government-appointed president to open the doors and let CUPW back to work. After all, I would have thought they’d need the blessing of cabinet to stand tall in the saddle and face down those pesky workers, and that the government’s enthusiasm for the lockout would take a lot longer to wane than just a few days.

Why I support the postal workers

Not exactly a shock, I suppose, since I worked at CUPW for seven years. But I’m reading a bunch of stuff online about how we ‘must’ support postal workers because of all the great things CUPW has done for workers everywhere, how what Canada Post workers deliver has an important social policy function (aka universal access etc etc), and how important solidarity is etc etc.

How much longer is Canada Post going to be able to get away with this

They do this every time. The union prepares a global offer, presumably with the hope of reaching a settlement, Canada Post’s negotiators go off and huddle to consider it and then – even mid huddle – the corporate communications team comes out with a statement denouncing the union’s demands because they would [insert numeric factoid intimating dramatically higher costs here].