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You have your health you say?

Giving back at 50

For 50 years I’ve lived a pretty comfortable, privileged life. Time to give something back. I’m giving up my birthday up to fundraise for the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.

The end of good news

I was in Toronto a week or so ago to visit dad and to go to an oncology appointment with him. Before you read too much into the title, know that there is no truly bad news I have to tell. It’s just I’m coming to grips with the situation.

Time away

Mallory at the farm
Selling your house is a pain. But it is an excellent incentive to go do things out of the ordinary, like get out of your house. See, the less time you spend in it, the less you have to clean.


I was in Toronto yesterday to be with my dad as he got news of two scans done to see how far along his prostate cancer is. It could have been worse, but not by much. Both CAT and bone scans showed that the cancer has spread to dad’s bones. a€?The bones are involved,a€? in oncology-speak.