None of us knows when our time will come. We need to live bravely, love fiercely, and hold on to the things that matter. We need to tell those we care for how much they mean to us, and to do those things we always wanted to do.

No matter how long we have on this earth, we need to truly live.

Laurie Kingston

The revolution you ask for

When I was in high school studying European history we studied revolutions and explored the age-old hypotheses of whether they are brought on by rising or declining expectations. Did people come together to make change because they feared things were getting worse, or because they saw that things could get better? Take, for example my beloved home province of Ontario.…

Laurie Kingston died this week after a long struggle with breast cancer

Laurie Kingston

My friend of about 25 years, Laurie Kingston died this week after a long battle with breast cancer. I have boundless respect and admiration for her and she will always be a role model to me. Much has been written about her and the story I would tell involves how she forgave me for being the bad boy of her…

December 6th: post until it's fixed

December 6th: post until it’s fixed

I wrestled with the idea of writing yet another December 6th post. When I worked for uniondom, the copy-paste platitudes we posted every year on this date and many others really frustrated ?me. And yet here I was contemplating the same thing. And I think I decided that I would post something until the problem of male violence is fixed.…

Paugan Road: where is it closed

Paugan Road closure: it’s real

Parts of Paugan Road are closing while the Municipality of Denholm and the province spar over who should be responsible for the road after rainfall-driven floods washed out two stretches of the east-west road that links several West Québec towns.

Paugan Road closing for good?

I admit it’s a bit of an acquired taste, but I like riding Paugan Road in Denholm Québec. The latest bout of severe rainfall and flooding has done away with more of it. The municipality is facing a $2.5 million bill to fix it. This is money they don’t have. So they’re appealing to the province and have announced that…